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This section should give you a general understanding of how SYPMarks works.


g e t t i n g s t a r t e d

To get started with SYPMarks, you need to set up a personal account. This will allow you to log into the system and maintain your favorites privately. To set up your account, click here.

When you have successfully registered, you are able to log in. In the upper right of this window, you will see a login section. The fields named usr and pass are used to type in your personal username and password, which you selected in your registration procedure. Try to type in these and click on login button.

Your main window changes to reflect your current favorites. You will have no favorites at this point, thus you should add some folder or favorites to it now. This is easily done by click on either folder or favorite links in the left side.


o r g a n i z e f a v o r i t e s

There are two types of folders in SYPMarks: public and private folders. If you have favorite, you think others may like, you can put them in a public folder. When a favorite is placed in this folder, it will automatically be displayed in your public area. Everybody are able to access this area without logging into the system. A private folder is used to keep your favorites for your use only. If you place a favorite in a private folder, you will have to log in using your username/password, before using the link. Please be aware, the private/public status are not inherited from the parent folder. This have been done, since you might want to share only a part of your e.g. sports folder, but not all of them.

A new folder is added by clicking add folder item in left menu. To create a new folder, you will have to type a name (mandatory) and a description (optional). Furthermore, you should select your parent folder, i.e. the folder in which this new folder will be created and you have to select, if your folder should be a private (this is default) or a public folder. When you have filled your fields, you press ok button to create it.

Favorites are added in a similar fashion. You click the add favorite item in left menu and type in a name (mandatory), an URL (mandatory) and an optional description. Favorites do not have a private/public status, thus you have to be aware in which folder you add your favorite. If it's added in a private folder, you will be the only one seeing this and if you select a public, it's available for anyone. Select your parent folder and click on ok button to create it.

If an URL changes, you want to make a private folder public, etc. you have to update your current information. This is done pretty easily, just by clicking on the small pen and paper symbol (pen and paper symbol). You will enter a page looking like the one you use to create a folder or a favorite. Make your changes, e.g. select a new parent group and click on ok button to update.

Obsolete links or folder have to be deleted somehow. This is done by marking them in the tree and clicking delete button.


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