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Our site is for Sudanese and the other nations to find out the business opportunities and get the right things from right hands, and it also provide job portal for the Sudanese to get job easily, this site will help all the citizens and the expertise to get genuine thinks while sitting at home or in office quickly. Your donation is safe, secure, and private, and helps support the issues and causes you care most about. Thank you for your support in advance.

Where to go your donation?

1)       To the charity organization for the helpless kids (food, cloths, shelter, education etc...)

2)       Maintenance and developing expense for this absolutely free site

: Please email after sending the payment.

You can deposit / transfer money or DD to the following account at any ICICI branch close to you and email us the payment details.

In favor of : Ajit Kumar KV

ICICI Bank A/C number : 000401080793
Branch : Nariman Point, Mumbai Branch, India

IMPORTANT: Please email after sending the payment.

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